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A tattoo studio where you’ll find outstanding artists – Antonina, Pejczi, Magda, Mihau, Kate, Kuba and Kruczy. Each of them represents a different technique and they all have their own unique styles.

We create our designs with passion and pay attention to every detail.
If you’re looking for a place with positive and open people – it can’t get any better!

In Warsaw’s largest studio with its own garden and terrace, we try to be as close to nature as possible while being only a few kilometres from the city centre. For clients who are waiting for the project, there is a spacious terrace, a large garden and a waiting area with a vast collection of books and albums. We also have a Vip Room – for all those who need some privacy.



She specializes in graphic, shaded designs works, and mostly does so-called linework, with an addition of dotwork. Her favourite themes are characters, animals and plant motifs, especially in a gloomy scenery.

Antonina is our studio unicorn. You won’t find such personality anywhere else… Charismatic and self-confident lover of travelling, with her head always in the clouds. Wherever she goes, always has a tattoo machine in her luggage.




Ola Pejczi


Ola mainly does dotwork with an addition of geometry, she prefers to use geometric patterns and colour gradients in her designs. The most common themes of her works are nature, sacred geometry and cosmos.

She has been drawing and creating for as long as she can remember, she completed courses in drawing and studies in Computer Graphics, graduating with a Master of Arts degree. Apart from tattooing she travels a lot, and on trips she likes to take photos, visit art galleries, museums and national parks. At home she spends her free time with her husband and dogs, reads books about spiritual development and decorates the studio.






She loves to combine dotwork and abstract blackwork forms. In her designs she sticks to minimalism and geometry, gently seasoned with some colous. She also enjoys doing organic motifs, which may serve as a basis of beautiful mandalas.

Personally she is a dog lover, taking care of a 10-year-old, adopted pitbull named Jerry. Her best buddy is her teenage daughter. When she is not tattooing, she rollerskates, and she makes dreadlocks in the evenings. Magda devours popular science books, detective stories and thrillers, and she calls herself a music addict.






Mihau feels best when doing sketchwork and sketched designs with an addition of dots, but he also enjoys creating neotraditional, realistic and shaded pieces. He is also familiar with totally abstract ideas. He draws his inspiration from literature and movies.

Outside of the studio, he finds fulfilment producing music. He is fascinated by psychedelic and ethnic sounds with an electronic twist. You can see him as a DJ in clubs in Warsaw and at various forest festivals. He loves nature in every form.






Kasia feels most comfortable doing dotwork designs in colour. She enjoys making double exposure tattoos, mainly with animals or related to Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Personally Kasia is a fan of The Office series and a total pepperoni pizza lover. She has been working in a dubbing industry for years, as a production manager of various movies, series and games. In her free time (which is limited) she watches Netflix and plays with her dogs.






A repartee master whose graphic works cleverly combine colour, linework and dotwork.
The spectrum of Kuba’s work is as wide as his smile. A frequent visitor of both dark lands and lively gardens from which he draws his inspiration.

As he says about himself, he is a haunted enthusiast of the world of movies and series. A sower of a darkness-soaked sense of humour.






It is his greatest pleasure to turn various tales into drawings, supporting with symbolism of the stories he learns and fairy tales he gladly shares while tattooing and drawing.

His name is Tomek. Scatty one-man band. Photographer, graphic designer, tattoo maker, animator, juggler, cook, bricklayer, painter, dancing with ravens. If he is not tattooing, he probably is in the forest in the south or west of Norway. A traveller – if he’s staying somewhere for more than a month, he just can’t wait to set out for a journey again… he’s looking for something supposedly. A fan and collector of fairy tales and legends, in love with Scandinavian folklore, a seeker of lost Galdrar.




Laser tattoo removal


If you have an unwanted tattoo or you are preparing to cover it – the most modern Nd:YAG Q-Switch laser will do it quickly and safely.

We also offer treatments with anaesthetic. If you want to make a cover with us – you will get laser treatment for half the price!

Please attach a photo and dimensions in centimetres to your enquiry.



Write to us and ask about available dates:

 Wasiutyńskiego 15 street, Warszawa (on map)
+48 575 448 666